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Weekly Blend #328 – Oscar Wrap Up 2013

podcast328The Oscars are over and now it’s time to deconstruct Hollywood’s biggest night. We analyze quite a few aspects of the show, from the awards themselves to host Seth MacFarlane to the strengths and weaknesses of the “theme” of the evening. We discuss some of the surprise awards of the night (although there weren’t many of those) and some of the fallout to come from the festivities, including Twitter’s polarized reaction to the show and The Onion Tweet heard ’round Hollywood. (Explicit Language Warning: Due to the discussion of The Onion, the last segment of the Oscar coverage does contain language we would not normally say around our own monthers… except maybe Thomas.) You might also want to check out part of the show in video format, as Rafe’s son makes a hilarious appearance on the show. Co-hosts: Tim and Thomas, with a cameo from Zane.

Weekly Blend #328 – Oscar Wrap Up 2013
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  • NotTheWhosTommy

    Dude… I’ve got SOME class. Give me a bit of credit.

  • TonyBeard

    Oscar nerd alert! I know everyone’s desperate to find out more on the tie for Sound Editing. It’s actually the 6th time a tie has been declared but the first exact tie. The Academy rule is if a nominee is within 3 votes of the ‘winner’, a tie is declared and two Oscars are awarded.

    As for Sound in general, the simplistic explanation is that Sound Editing is the creation of sounds for a movie and Sound Mixing is the mixing together of the various Sound elements. So, to use Star Wars as an example, Sound Editing is things like the lightsabers, tie-fighters, laser guns, Darth Vader’s breathing etc. whilst Sound Mixing is the’mixing’ together of the various sound elements – John Williams score, dialogue, sound effects etc. .

  • TonyBeard

    As for the director/surprising snub debate, I’ve said numerous times in the forums it’s mainly due to the voting system and if they move away from only 1 vote (really counting) per Oscar member in most categories when they tally the voting at the nominee stage and have (up to) 5 votes counting per branch member that issue will (mostly) disappear.
    However, I think those one of two things they’ll actually do. Either (like the Bafta’s) they’ll credit the director/s as well as producer/s with the Picture nomination so even if they’re snubbed for director they’ll still get an Oscar if their movie wins Picture or (like the Emmy’s) they’ll move up to 6 nominees per category.

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