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Trailer Park: The Sapphires, Lords of Salem, Upstream Color, Room 237, Game of Thrones Season 3

previewIt’s time for a visit to the trailer park. This week we look at a few trailers that have been out for a month or so (but ones we haven’t talked about before), several independent pictures that might be worth keeping an eye on, and even a television teaser. So, without further ado, let’s get right to the trailers.

We’ll start this week with a trailer that is hardly new. In fact, it’s been out for over a month now, but somehow I haven’t seen it until this week. I’m talking about the trailer for this week’s A Good Day to Die Hard. I complained on our podcast about how I’ve seen an absence of marketing surrounding the movie and I stand by that. Despite watching what I would consider entertainment in the proper demographic, I’ve seen little more than a few television commercials. Watching the whole trailer actually is a bit of a turn off, because it made me wonder if the reason it’s a “good day to die hard” is because John McClane is going to be doing exactly that – passing the torch to his son as he rides off into the sunset. We worried about it in the last Indiana Jones film and the trailer here makes the same concern feel a lot more concrete. See for yourself if you don’t wind up thinking the same thing.

A Good Day to Die Hard


As far as new trailers go, I’ve pulled up a couple of smaller pictures this week, mostly because that seemed to be what was making the rounds. First up we have a film I swear I saw before, only it was called The Commitments. Again, see if you don’t think the same thing from the trailer, which introduces the storyline of an Australian (instead of Irish) musical group that sets out to make soul music. I’m not confident Chris O’Dowd has the charisma to carry the lead the way Robert Arkins did in The Commitments, and it certainly has fewer players to complicate the story, yet I still suspect we’ll see a similar story here, particularly with some sort of in-band romantic triangle.

The Sapphires


The next trailer almost had me tuning out as soon as Rob Zombie’s name was introduced. I’ve just never bought into him as a filmmaker – a fact I’m sure our own Doc Rotten will argue with me about. The trailer has less of a Rob Zombie feel to it, however, and more of a Clive Barker feeling of dread, which I will admit to kind of liking. I’m not sure the trailer will get me into the theater, especially given the last thirty seconds or so of the trailer (which seems outlandishly odd), but my interest is a bit more piqued than I would have expected.

Lords of Salem


I was about to pass this next trailer over because it seemed too independent for what we cover here, but then I remembered seeing it discussed on our forums recently. While the trailer certainly blends confusion to the point I almost want to turn it off, the fact that the film, Upstream Color, comes from the writer and director of Primer, a little sci-fi film that got everyone’s attention a few years ago (available for streaming on Netflix). While the trailer may not reveal much of anything about the movie, I suspect this will become a film many movie lovers will be talking about before the year is over.

Upstream Color


Speaking of independent films, I know a lot of people who are looking forward to the documentary Room 237, which takes a look at Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining with the idea that the director was using the film to communicate secret messages. It’s the kind of documentary the marriage of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz would love to get a shot at. While the trailer doesn’t give a lot to consider, I admit I like the style of presentation, which is almost Kubrickesque in its own.

Room 237


Finally, there’s not a ton of “trailers” for television, but the big attention shows always seem to get them, and they don’t get much bigger than HBO’s Game of Thrones. Season 3 is coming and with it comes some changes to the ensemble show. The trailer for the series features Petyr Baelish offering a brief monologue as we look at daunting appearances of the season’s main players, including the newly scarred Imp, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). Even for someone who hasn’t invested much in the series (but is loving the books), the teaser offers some chills.

Game of Thrones: Season 3


What do you think? Do any of these trailers win you over or are you waiting for us to look at some of the bigger blockbuster pictures?

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