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Stick it to Charlie Sheen: Watch the Two and a Half Men Premiere

I honestly can’t believe I’m writing these words, but I want you to watch Two and a Half Men. I want to rally all the Widescreen Warrior readers to watch the season premiere on September 19th – a premiere that is already making headlines for speculation as to what the episode will contain.

No, I haven’t lost my mind and my medications are quite up to date. In fact, my motivation behind this rally isn’t very pure at all. Simply put, I want to stick it to Charlie Sheen.

I’ve said before how ridiculous I think the celebrity’s behavior has been over the past year. The man thinks he’s god’s gift to women, drugs, and comedy, and not necessarily in that order depending on what interview you see him on. In reality, his atrocious behavior shut down Two and a Half Men early, putting some of the behind-the-scenes people out of work while the show was on an unscheduled hiatus. Then Sheen mouthed off about the show’s creator to the point that the network really had no choice but to distance themselves from the arrogant persona he was putting on. Just as it was damaging to Sheen (and let’s be honest – most of the people who paid good money to see his road show were paying to see the train wreck) it was damaging to the network, and so they said adieu.

Sheen, of course, took the separation with as much class as you’d expect. He’s basically announced that, if Two and a Half Men bombs now, it’s because he’s not a part of it – forget about Jon Cryer or the other cast members (like the wonderful Melanie Lynsky) – the show’s success was due to Sheen carrying it on his massive shoulders.

So let’s prove him wrong.

For the first time, I’m willingly going to tune in to Two and a Half Men. I’m not going to change the channel, not even during the commercials. I’m rallying our readership (and podcast listenership) to do the same. Not because I necessarily want to see the show do better (I don’t expect Ashton Kutcher’s time on the series to improve its merit any more than Sheen’s did) but just to stick it to Sheen – to show him he’s not the end-all-be-all of comedy, and that him being fired isn’t the death of the show, but the rightful consequence of his ridiculous antics.

Of course, we all know Sheen himself will probably be too far in a drug-induced state to actually understand the ratings for Two and a Half Men, but we can consider it a moral victory that we were a part of, and that’s good enough for me.

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